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    Siraj Davis

    My name is Taiyo “Siraj Davis” and I am currently an English and Social studies teacher, the former at an American international school and the latter, at a British language institute. I have a Master of Arts in History specializing in COIN, with a command of six languages, published in three of the aforementioned linguas.

    My first book was “Religious Fanaticism and Abolition: Early 19th Century Marginalization of David Walker and Nat Turner” and I am currently working on my second book “The Pursuit of Love Against the War on Terrorism.” I have also published various academic journal and newspaper articles on human rights, security, and refugee issues. I am the president of the Collective Consciousness human rights organization and have performed the duty of a political lobbyist for American Families United, Amnesty International, US Campaign for Burma, AAPER, and others.

    I have taught and consulted on English language training for Oil and Aviation corporations, Department of Defense/Pentagon, Tourism and Computer industries, local and international businesses, Embassy diplomats, Royal and presidential family members, and more throughout Syria and Jordan. In Iraq / Kurdistan, I have taught orphans of the Peshmerga soldiers and Peshmerga military English in Kurdistan, while volunteer teaching Yazidi survivors of ISIS genocide.

    I have spent 7 continuous years “going native” in the Levant region, specifically Jordan and Syria and Kurdistan/Iraq teaching, interviewing, and making music videos with Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian, Yazidi, Assyrian refugees in the preceding regions. I believe that through the conduits of language instruction and music and interviews; we may come closer to a comprehension of the refugee and immigration experience during conflict in more detail while simultaneously bridging cultural and linguistic differences, and noticing and improving immigration’s detrimental effects on humans, to augment a more globalized future. If the world becomes more globalized, it is the modern pioneers who work on the ground and who provide deserved attention to such effort as the prior that may improve and document such progress. We can not become one until we live together , communicate, and express ourselves as one. That’s what I am aiming at now using language and music as wheels on a motor-cycle on the highway of globalization, humanity, and peace.

    If any have ideas for collaboration in the region I am currently residing, please contact me or shoot me an idea.

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