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What is this platform?

This platform is all about GEOPOLITICS..

According to the Cambridge dictionary, geopolitics is the study of the way a country's size, position, etc. influence its power and its relationships with other countries. Whether we address it globally or locally, through specific protagonists or strategies, this is the heart of what we share on this platform.

But geopolitics addressed CHEERFULLY..

Geopolitics is neither a neutral nor an innocuous subject. Studying it can quite demanding sometimes. Because it is complicated, but mainly because it somehow highlights particularly tense parts of the world. This is why I try to address those topics with rythm and cheerfulness. people from ALL OVER THE WORLD !

As Foreign Chronicles is still quite a confidential platform, you can consider that nobody happened to fall on this page randomly. The people that you meet here are from all parts of the world, and have the the common charasteristic of being particularly persistent in their look for gropolitical informations.

This platform is made up so that you SHARE..

Indeed ! This platform is here to help you share your work, your creations, your sources, your contacts etc. Your have written a book? Good ! Talk about it here ! You are particularly found of a youtube channel? Fantastic ! Share it with the others ! This is the place where to share all this precious stuff. So feel free !

..and create smart NEW PROJECTS..

This platform is also the opportunity for you to meet new people who could work with you on some projects. They are so many things to build up ! You will find here people full of creativity, pioneering people (since they happened to stumble upon this page), who share the exact same passion as your. So go for it, talk about your project and build up a team !

..that we will SHOUT OUT the the world !

Once you have your project on the way, Foreign Chronicles is going to be there to help you grow it up. Through this page, through twitter, through the Youtube channel, or through whatever mean which will be available at the time, it is important for me to help you in your project ! So count on Foreign Chronicles to shout it to the world !

The Youtube Channel

Foreign Chronicles is also a Youtube Channel that you can visit by clicking anywhere on the gallery below.


Patrice d'Arras

Well, for now I am doing everything by myself..

Video scenarios, video editing, information retrieval, interviews, website design, blog posts, communication, forum moderation, community management, graphic charter creation, patreon page management etc. I have learnt all from scratch starting this Foreign Chronicles' project the 7th of october 2015. There are so many more things to do that I am now looking for a team !

+ Subscribers

..unless I get some help here and there !

I am thinking especially about Sameh Saadi, who translated the whole video about the Islamic State in Arabic, about Shirvan Neftchi who, helped me by shouting my channel out on Caspian Report, about David, Jean-Côme, Zoé who assisted me in Iraq. And about the patreons supporting me, especially the main ones: John Bradshaw and Rassad Alan.


But I am now looking for one of you !

I am looking for someone exceptionnal who would become a member of the Foreign Chronicles' team :) I need someone particularly resourceful, able to assist me on some of the sides of the project: video scenarios, video editing, information retrieval, blog posts, communication, forum moderation, community management, subtitling etc. If you are very motivated, send me a mail with a few sentences to help me know you ! And I can ensure you that the adventure is going to be fantastic.

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